Call for experimental and research projects

With the aim of consolidating LAAV_ as an open and established space in the museum for audiovisual research with the communities, we ask researchers and / or artists interested in the LAAV_ work lines, to present their proposals. The call will be open between May 7 and June 8, 2019.  More information about the call


Notes for a sexually dissident audiovisual anthropology. Quiela Nuc

We continue within the section About the impossibility of anthropological cinema with a text by the artist, curator and teacher Quiela Nuc, who makes a personal journey, this time, through her narrative and aesthetic affiliations. Present from the beginning of the text to the last image, the recently disappeared Barbara Hammer, whose work “represents a valuable archive and repertoire of experiences, places and identities traversed by that “other” desire, the one that is non-hetero-regulated”. Continue reading


Laav_ 18 Meetings. Museums and University. Investigate in a hybrid space.

We published the rapporteurships and reflections that emerged from the last Laav_18 Meetings, in which we deal with a common Museum-University space for research and creation.

Relatorías. Elena Sánchez Nagore, Coral Bullón, Zoe Hernández and Pablo Coca.
Meetings Laav_2018. Museums and University: research on a hybrid space. Lorenzo Bordonaro.
The submerged part of the iceberg. Audiovisual Education between the museum and the university. Javier Fernández Vázquez.
Practicing  experimentation linked to audiovisual anthropology. 
Sara Sama Acedo.



Laav_ in Concreta 12, “Cinema to come”

The new issue of Concreta, the research journal about image, dedicated to the project Cine por venir (“Cinema to come”), includes an article about Laav_: An experience of creation and social research in the educational department of a contemporary art museum. An image of the latest production of La Rara troupe, La humana perfecta, illustrates the cover. The presentation of the journal takes place on Thursday November 29 at the Filmoteca of Valencia, with Pere Portabella, Nuria Enguita Mayo (Concreta), Sonia Martínez (Cine por venir) and Sofía Asencio (Sociedad Doctor Alonso).


Laav in Sociología Ordinaria (Ordinary Sociology) Meetings

On Tuesday 8 May, we participate in Encuentros Sociología Ordinaria (Medialab-Prado, Madrid) with “Comunidades, audiovisual e investigación experimental; una experiencia de antropología y arte” (Communities, audiovisual and experimental research; an anthropological experience and art”. The slogan of the meetings this year is “We do it and we shall see”, an emotional tribute to the essence of Sociología Ordinaria, with the objective of breaking the academic walls, including other voices and experiences.



In the fall of 2017 we started Libertad, our first experience oriented to a formal teaching context. The aim was creating a learning community composed by adolescents, teachers and creators, who would work for several months in a horizontal and collaborative way in the realization of an artisan film about the repression in the Civil War and the postwar period, and in which the testimony of an old woman meets, somehow, with the eyes of the young people.

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