Hostal España

Hostal España is a experimental project which intends to work with a community of elderly people, who live in a downtown hostel in the city of Leon. It proposes to create a group of people which considers, through audiovisual format and from their daily life, about basic topics that affect the old age: social environment, health, participation, autonomy, vulnerability, specific limitations in the rural environment, etc.

As Sharon R. Kaufman, professor of medical anthropology, has written: “For only by first knowing how the elderly view themselves, their lives, and the nature of old age can we hope to fashion a meaningful present and future for them and for those who follow”

La rara troupe

Work group that draws on audiovisual self-representation and first person narration to work around the concept of psychosocial discomfort.

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In the fall of 2017 we started Libertad, our first experience oriented to a formal teaching context. The aim was creating a learning community composed by adolescents, teachers and creators, who would work for several months in a horizontal and collaborative way in the realization of an artisan film about the repression in the Civil War and the postwar period, and in which the testimony of an old woman meets, somehow, with the eyes of the young people.

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Damn mine

An audiovisual excavation in the mining basin of Gordón (León), affected by a situation of dismantling the mining industry and the forms of life associated with it.

The project has been proposed as a collective work through local groups, in which the last images of the mine are intermingled with the conversations held among women miners throughout the period 2016-2017. In the resulting film layers of complexity are added to an epic reading about class struggle, while aspects such as care work or affective components, usually relegated in the conventional story about the mine, are put in value.


Teleclub Project focuses on the study and self-representation of the rural region of La Sobarriba, near the city of León. It takes its name from the extinct figure of teleclub, as a space for dialogues, meetings and exchanges that reflect a rural culture in the process of transformation and redefinition.