Damn Mine (Puta Mina) in the art exhibition “Open Skies. Art and extractive process of the earth” in CDAN (Huesca)


Puta Mina is being shown between October the 24th of 2019 and January the 12th of 2020 in Centro de Arte y Naturaleza (CDAN, Huesca) within a collection of works produced by more than thirty artists. The work is divided around six main themes (History – Process – Human – Mines, quarries and gravel pits – Reconversion) along with a case study of the mining basins of Andorra (Teruel).

As the CDAN museum says, the exhibition reflects on the impact that the mining industry has on the landscape, the environment, and society. Mining is an activity that dates back from prehistoric times, although it is since the Industrial Revolution that it started to be really visible over and under the surface of the Earth. Art revolving around the mining industry has been abundant through modern art, but it is bounded to disappear as the climatic crisis forces us to change our industry and whole life style. An era, associated to an economy based on endless exponential growth and to a specific social system, that with decarbonisation comes to an end.

This exhibition “tries to offer a diverse, polyhedral and sometimes even contradictory point of view. All of this with artworks that meditate around the relation between nature and technology, science and ecology or past and future”

Museum Room Guide.