The perfect human (2018)

La humana perfecta, tráiler.

Between October 2017 and June 2018, in La rara troupe we reflected on body and affective-sexual diversity, and how they might be intertwined with mental health.

Throughout an extended creative and reflective process the collective participated on an erotic writing workshop with activist and teacher val flores on January 2018. We also screened films such as Love Meetings (1965, P. P. Pasolini), O Amor Natural (1996, Heddy Honigmann), Yes, We Fuck! (2015, Antonio Centeno and Raúl de la Morena), Vivir y otras ficciones (2016, Jo Sol) and The Perfect Human (1967, Jorgen Leth). It is precisely this last film which has been refilmed, scene by scene by La rara troupe to create “The Perfect Human”, an exercise that contains many of the reflections that the group had through this time.

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