Fin de Línea (2014)

Fin de línea  is the first project in which we experienced what it is to create in a cooperative way between all the participants to conceptualize, film and edit a collaborative film. This work is the product of a three months period of time in which we extracted the themes of our reading group into our films.

In previous months we had focus our attention on vulnerability, topic extracted from the texts proposed by Esquizo Barcelona and on Letter to His Father (Kafka) proposed by Fernando Colina. This time, and derived form the proposal from various group members, we began to read different texts on anti-psychiatry. In addition we visited Luke Fawler: Common Sense, exhibition held on Fundación Cerezales which included the films All Divided Selves (2011), film on the life of Scottish psychiatrist R.D. Laing and Bogman Palmjaguar (2007), a film portrait of a R.D. Laing’s patient. Given our inspirations and in general all the activities and work that surrounded this project, we can conclude by saying that Fin de Linea is the film in which we approached more directly the matter of mental health and mental suffering.

As a side note, we also started visiting Rafael Martinez del Pozo’s studio in Castro de la Cepeda, where we were looking to experiment with sound and sound recording as well as just leave the museum in search of a different space.